Allan Barnes Takes His PCA Victory in the BSOP Bahamas Main Event ($86,650)

Alan Barnes

The $1100 Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) Bahamas Main Event at PokerStars Caribbean Adventure the end has come for Canada too Alan Barnes is champion after winning Vincent Delgado in a heads-up game.

Barnes bested 460 entries to take home $86,650 for the win out of a total prize pool of $446,200. Delgado earned $54,550 for second place, while Christian Rudolph took home $38,950 for third place. Jonathan Little and Bruno Boteon rounded out the top five with $29,950 and $23,050, respectively.

2023 BSOP Bahamas Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Country award
1 Alan Barnes Canada $86,650
2 Vincent Delgado Spain $54,550
3 Christian Rudolph Germany $38,950
4 Jonathan Little United States $29,950
5 Bruno Boteon Brazil $23,050
6 Steven Fandozzi United States $17,750
7 Maria Konnikova United States $13,650
8 Mateusz Moolhuizen France 11,200 dollars
9 Sriharsha Dodapaneni India 9300 dollars

Winner reaction

Barnes is no stranger to the Bahamas, in fact he had his first recorded cash in the Turbo Edition of the PCA Main Event in 2015. Since then, he has cashed a total of seven times in the Caribbean, most recently in 2018. This is the most his score so far.

“First of all, my wife and I really love the Bahamas,” Barnes said in his interview with PokerNews. “It’s a bonus and PokerStars does a great job with these tournaments. They are a lot of fun to play. For some reason I’m having a lot of success down here.”

This is the first win for Barnes and a long time after several deep runs in the shallow seas.

“I feel very, very good. It’s a monkey off my back. I’ve had a few cashes here and got deep into some tournaments where I got busted before it got really exciting. This one is a nice win.”

The opening event of PCA 2023 attracted a wide range of famous poker professionals from all over the world. Barnes, however, was in his element.

“I wasn’t intimidated by the professionals. I’ve played enough poker and I understand the game so I know if you’re patient enough the cards will come to you and tonight was the perfect example of that. At one point I was down to 400,000 chips and moved back to win the thing. It was all about patience and getting the money at the right time.”

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Barnes reflected on the turning point of the night when he flopped his dwindling stack with two pair against a flush draw, only to see the flush on the turn. However, the river brought a full house and a path to victory.

“When he turned a flush on me, I was sick. I couldn’t believe it and I knew he was in the draw so that’s the worst part. And then he went in, but the ace came on the river. I was obviously ecstatic. It was really exciting to score the ace for the win.”

Familiar Day 3 Faces

Day 3 began with the 37 surviving players from Day 2 on Monday and each of the returnees was guaranteed $2,350 for their efforts. Maria Ho was one of several notable players to advance to Day 3, and she did well with Big Slick, but Botteon hit an ace-vale from a suit to make a Broadway straight and eliminate her in 20th place.

Maria Ho
Maria Ho

Other players who made it to Day 3 and didn’t make the final table included Katie Lindsay (22nd, $3,550), Andy Wilson (15th, $5400) and Paul Dewald (11th, $7,750).

Final table action

With ten players remaining, Sebastian Thor scored it with pocket tens and Steven Fandozzi flushed him with the ace of spades on a four-space board to take the tournament to the final table.

Fandozzi entered the final table with the highest stack and was followed by Little and Konnikova in second and third place on the leaderboard. The Day 2 chip leader was the first to go off the back nine when he ran into an ace-pop of a suit and ran into Botteon’s pair of kings. Mateusz Moolhuizen soon followed when his ace-pop couldn’t catch up Maria Konnikovapocket fives.

The game stretched to the last seven players and it was nearly three hours before Konnikova was next to go in seventh place. Konnikova returned for Day 3 with a big stack and a chance to repeat her victory in the 2018 edition of this event, but her run was cut short when she tried to bluff a missed straight draw, only to be called by Rudolph and his two pairs.

Maria Konnikova
Maria Konnikova

With more than 90 minutes left before the next elimination, it was Fandozzi who came in with an ace-pop and failed to improve against Delgado’s pair of jacks. The next one left was Botteon in fifth after he double-bet when Little made two pair. Botteon was out moments later when Delgado took his last small stack with ace-ten.

The game opened up to the final four players and Little was next to be eliminated after finding himself in a cooler with Barnes. Little shoved pocket kings, but Barnes waited with pocket aces to send Little home in fourth place. He will return for the PCA Main Event on Wednesday after checking in over the dinner break and racking up 30 big blinds before returning to finish that event.

Soon after, Rudolph hit his ace-nine out of a suit and lost to Barnes’ pop-queen. The run gave Barnes the chip lead early in heads-up play, but Delgado wasn’t far behind.

Delgado closed the gap early and both players set up for the endgame. Delgado took the lead at one point, but Barnes came back. The big moment came when Delgado shoved face-down aces, only to see Barnes flop queens and jacks. The river didn’t help Delgado and Barnes sealed the win.

This concludes coverage of the $1,100 BSOP Bahamas Main Event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at Baja Mar Resort in the Bahamas. Don’t forget to save it with PokerNews team for live updates from your favorite events.

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