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DUBLIN-(BUSINESS WIRE)–The report “Bangladesh Telecom Industry Report: 2023-2030” has been added to supply.

Bangladesh Telecom Industry Report, 2023-2030 includes a comprehensive overview of Bangladesh market dynamics, market sizing, market forecasts, analysis, insights and key trends.

This report provides revenue analysis and market forecasts, as well as statistics on the telecommunications industry in Bangladesh, including market sizing, 10-year forecasts, market insights, key trends in telecommunications, 5G and also includes the following:

  • Overall telecommunications market by major operators

  • Telecom Operators Profile, Revenue and EBITDA Mix

  • Mobile subscribers and market overview and forecasts

  • Spectrum Holdings

  • Overview of the IoT market

  • Broadband Subscribers and Market Overview and Forecasts

  • Detailed market overview and forecasts for the national broadband network

  • Topics/Opportunities related to 5G, M&A and e-commerce

  • Overview of telecommunications infrastructure

  • Database of Telco M&A transactions

Why you should buy the Bangladesh Telecom Industry Report:

  • Take advantage of the latest market opportunities

  • Understand the threats to your operations and investments and protect your company against future risks

  • Gain insight into emerging trends supporting, enhancing or disrupting your market activities

  • Get a complete view of the competitive landscape to assess your market position.

  • Forecasts as a key input for successful budgeting and strategic business planning in the telecommunications market

  • Target the business opportunities and risks in the telecommunications sector with our reviews of the latest industry trends, regulatory changes and major deals, projects and investments

  • Assess the activities, strategy and market position of your competitors, partners and customers through our operator profiles

Main topics covered:

1 Key statistics

1.1 Population and households of Bangladesh

1.2 The Economy of Bangladesh

1.3 GDP of Bangladesh

2 Total telecommunications market, 2015-2030

2.1 Market Overview

2.2 Historical Telecom Market Revenue, 2015-2022.

2.3 Overall forecast for the telecommunications market, 2021-2030

2.4 Capital expenditure in the telecommunications market, 2015-2030

2.4.1 Historical Telecom Capital Expenditure, 2015-2022.

2.4.2 Capital Expenditure to Revenue Ratio

2.4.3 Basic expenditure to GDP

2.4.4 Telecommunications Capital Expenditure Forecast, 2000-2030.

3 Profile of the telecommunications operator

3.1 Grameenphone Profile

3.1.1 Grameenphone’s Revenue Mix and EBITDA

3.2 He makes Axiat

3.3 Banglalink Profile

3.4 Teleconversation

3.5 Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd

3.6 Profile of other players

3.6.1 ADN Telecom

3.6.2 Other Broadband Providers

4 Mobile Market

4.1 Mobile subscribers historical data and forecast, 2015-2030

4.1.1 Historical Mobile Subscribers, 2015-2022

4.1.2 Market share of mobile subscribers, 2015-2022

4.1.3 Smartphone Sharing in Bangladesh, 2022

4.1.4 Bangladesh Mobile Subscribers Forecast, 2021-2030

4.1.5 Bangladesh Mobile Subscribers by Generation Forecast, 2021-2030

4.2 Mobile Revenue Historical Data and Forecasts, 2015-2027

4.2.1 Historical Mobile Device Revenue, 2015-2022

4.2.1 Mobile Revenue Market Share, 2015-2022

4.2.2 Mobile Device Revenue Forecast, 2021-2030

4.2.3 Mobile Subscriber ARPU, 2015-2022

4.3 Spectrum Properties

4.3.1 Existing spectrum holdings and 5G trials

4.3.2 Mobile frequency portfolio analysis

4.3.1 Spectrum depth benchmark by country

4.4 Mobile Download of Data and Price Trends

4.5 Mobile Speed ​​Tests

4.5.1 Ookla Mobile Speed ​​Tests

4.5.2 OpenSignal

4.6 Internet of Things (IoT)

5 Broadband market

5.1 Historical fixed broadband subscribers, 2015-2021.

5.2 Fixed Broadband Subscribers Forecast, 2021-2030

6 Investments in fixed telecommunications infrastructure

6.1 Fixed Digital Infrastructure

6.1.1 Indoor optical infrastructure

6.1.2 FTTH – 16 m working premises

6.2 Submarine Cables

7 Telecom Towers of Bangladesh Infrastructure Landscape

7.1 Bangladesh Telecom Towers Market Analysis, 2022

7.1.1 Bangladesh Telecom Tower Market Overview

7.1.2 Background of telecommunication towers of Bangladesh

7.2 Comparison of Bangladesh Telecom Towers Market Competitive Landscape

7.3 Telecom Towers and Rooftops Market Forecast in Bangladesh

7.3.1 Bangladesh Telecom Towers Forecast, 2021-2030

7.3.2 Regulatory Considerations

7.4 edotco profile

7.4.1 edotco Towers Key Performance Indicators

7.5 AB Hi-Tech Profile (Frontier Towers)

7.6 Profile of TASC Summit Towers

7.7 Profile of Kirtonkhola Tower Bangladesh Ltd

8 Themes/Capabilities

8.1 Consolidation Options

8.2 Diversification Opportunities

8.3 New Telco Operating Model

8.3.1 The attraction of infrastructure sets

8.4 5G Developments

8.4.1 5G Overview

8.4.2 5G – Relative capital investment and frequency range

8.4.3 5G OpenRAN

8.4.4 Beyond 5G

9 Telco Transaction Database

The mentioned companies

  • Aamra Networks

  • AB High Tech

  • ADN Telecom

  • Banglalink

  • BDCom

  • BTCL

  • BSCC

  • Border Towers Bangladesh

  • edotco

  • Gramophone

  • Kirtonhola Tower Bangladesh

  • KTBL

  • He makes Axiat

  • Communications at the top

  • TASK Summit Towers

  • Teleconversation

  • A triangle

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