Event overview: DynamicsMinds 2023 brings some magic to the European conference scene

Organizers of the first-ever DynamicsMinds conference are calling on members of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community to “sharpen their wands, flip through their spell books, sort through their secret recipes” and participate in a new three-day in-person event hosted by from the community in Europe.

“In today’s challenging times, our community has already pulled unexpected things out of its magic hats and deserves to be pampered, at least for a little while,” according to event organizers. DynamicsMinds will be held May 22-24 in Portorož, Slovenia at the Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. (MSDW is a media sponsor of the event and serves on the planning committee.)

Microsoft ISV Docentric is the main organizer of DynamicsMinds, with functional consultant Mira Razman playing a leading role in planning the event. She spoke with MSDW about the event and her team’s interest in creating a new community-driven conference focused on Microsoft’s business applications.

MSDW: What was the original idea for the event? Is the current plan similar or different?

Mira Razman: It’s actually the same. The original idea [stemmed from the fact] that [at our company] we missed the personal conferences that [we had had before the COVID-19 pandemic]. So we decided to do something about it. We checked with community members and the response was really good.

The mission was and is to give back to the community, because we grow on the knowledge of the community and know the added value that the community brings. We started with the original idea of ​​bringing bleeding edge knowledge and experience to the community. So that was the basic idea. And then we started asking around and the community created the event that was even better than we hoped to make.

How many sessions are planned and what will they cover?

We will have four technical areas: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations; Business headquarters; Customer Engagement; Power Platform. And a fifth community session track covering a range of non-technical topics related to career development, partner strategy and workforce representation. And we’re going to have a really catchy keynote on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Can you provide some details about the location? Why would people want to travel there?

Portorož is easily accessible as there are five airports nearby in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. And Microsoft holds its NT conference at this location, so we know the venue works for these types of events. The hotel overlooks the sea and we will have an evening party on the beach.

What has the committee contributed to planning so far?

We have 15 committee members who work to develop and maintain the conference program and content and select the sessions and speakers. We will publish the sessions soon and have a call for speakers until the end of February. Committee members also help us connect with Microsoft.

What is the feedback about this event?

The feedback from everyone has been incredible. Our community influencers and MVPs, Microsoft and our other sponsors, as well as many other community enthusiasts and supporters, are all involved in this event. We actually got a lot of support from [Microsoft’s] Heather Cook, who leads a team of community program managers.

Why should people attend the event?

At the event, community members can learn how things work and share their findings with fellow professionals. They will also be able to meet MVPs and influencers in person and attend sessions led by the experts whose work they have followed for years. Attendees can also share their thoughts and concerns about current trends related to both technology and Microsoft partnerships, and get their questions answered directly by Microsoft representatives.

The conference will also help community members expand their professional networks, reach new business opportunities, and stay up-to-date with the latest community and Microsoft news, including solutions and service offerings from Dynamics partners.

And last but not least, the attendees will really have fun.

Any other facts, dates, deadlines, etc. that people should know?

The call for speakers is open until February 28. Ticket deadlines are:

  • 31 January: super early tickets, €999 + VAT 22%
  • February 28: early bird tickets, €1099 + VAT 22%
  • May 21: regular tickets, €1299 + VAT 22%
  • May 22-24: tickets on the spot, €1499 + VAT 22%

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