The women’s slalom is the penultimate event at the JWSC

Ava Sunshine and Zoe Zimmerman JWSC St Anton, Austria: Photo by Magnus Walch

Under clear skies in St. Anton, American Ava Sunshine placed in the top ten at the World Junior Ski Championships.

St. Anton, Austria, January 24, 2023 — Following the 2023 Alpine Junior World Ski Championships (JWSC) team parallel event, a double event held last night under the lights in nearby Zurs, the world’s best juniors returned to St Anton today for the women’s slalom. After a week of racing in low visibility, the weather finally cleared in the afternoon, providing blue bird skies for the women’s second heat.

While Mikaela Shiffrin made history with her 83rd World Cup victory in the Kronplatz, Italy GS, the final at the Karl Schranz Stadium in St. Anton was also jubilant, including plenty of bells and national flags.

Sweden’s Hannah Aronsson Elfman took gold in the slalom, with Switzerland’s Janine Mehler in silver (+0.45) and Italy’s Beatrice Sola in bronze (+1.00).

Ava Sunshine

SAINT ANTON, AUSTRIA, 24. JANUARY 23 – ALPINE SKIING – FIS Junior Alpine Skiing World Championships, Ava Sunshine (USA). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Oliver Lerch

The top American JWSC slalom competitor was Stifel US Alpine Team member and Burke Mountain Academy, Vail Ski and Snowboard Club competitor Ava Sunshine, who cracked the top ten with an 8th place (+1.86). “I just wanted to do it,” Sunshine said of the finish. “I think I had some good sections, although I made a few mistakes. But I was happy with the prosecution.”

Zoe Zimmerman

SAINT ANTON, AUSTRIA, JANUARY 24, 23 – FIS World Junior Alpine Skiing Championships, Zoe Zimmermann (USA). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Oliver Lerch

Stifel US Alpine Team member and Burke Mountain Academy competitor Zoe Zimmerman was happy to race in the afternoon sun. “It was a really fun course, but I felt like I could have pushed harder than I thought from inspection,” she said after the second run. Zimmerman placed 11th (+2.39). After the Junior Worlds in St. Anton, Zimmerman and Sunshine will head to Spindleruv Mlin in the Czech Republic for next week’s World Cup slalom events.

Dasha Romanova

JWSC ST Anton, Austria, Dasha Romanov Photo Credit Magnus Wlach

Starting at the start of the second heat, USST’s Dasha Romanov had a clean and fast run, but went inside with a left foot and slid under the next gate. Even with a rapid rise, she finished in 27th place (9.38). “I’m happy with the effort I put in today, but I made a mistake and had to get out of it,” Romanov said. “I think I had a little respect for the hill and the course too when, indeed, these were the best terms I was ever likely to see. It was an opportunity to send it – but I didn’t. But the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation competitor is taking the long view. “The World Junior competition was a great experience and I’m excited to use the things I learned here in the next competitions.”

Mary Bocock

Even the American competitors who didn’t make it to the finals have a positive outlook on Junior Worlds week. Mary Bocock jumped out in the second heat, rebounded spectacularly and got away again a few doors later. “As a team, the United States may not have done as well as we hoped in this series, but I think we have the speed and the potential to ski well,” said Bocock, a Stifel US Alpine Team member and Rowmark Academy athlete from Sault Ste. Lake City, Utah. “I think it’s just a matter of getting two runs with fewer mistakes.”

SAINT ANTON, AUSTRIA, JANUARY 24, 23 – FIS Alpine Junior World Championships Mary Bocock (USA). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Oliver Lerch

The men’s slalom, scheduled for tomorrow (January 25, 2023), will be the final event of the 2023 FIS Alpine Skiing World Junior Championships. The live stream is available at

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